Postnatal Recovery, Pregnancy and Preparation for birth


AquaBellies is a hydrotherapy class for expectant and new mothers combining Pilates with cardio exercise in the buoyancy of water.

The classes focus not only on pregnancy and preparation for birth, but also on postnatal recovery.


✓ Feel light on your feet so you can exercise easily, impact free, and burn lots of calories!

✓ Water resistance boosts strength, endurance, stamina, muscle tone, flexibility, circulation, posture, core stability muscles and works your pelvic floor muscles

✓ Reduces swelling, stiffness, backache, constipation, varicose veins and fatigue

✓ Assists in promoting better sleep

✓ Prepares you for labour by strengthening all the key muscles

✓ Increases the chances of natural labour and decreases the chances of artificial intervention and the need for pain relief during labour

✓ Hydrotherapy after your birth assists you with recovering your strength and shape

✓ A fun, relaxed environment to ask questions and meet other pregnant ladies and new mums

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