With over 90 classes each week
You will never find a dull moment at Blackwood Fitness.

Finding the time for a class isn't always easy. So we made it easy with our great range of classes we've got something for everyone.

So, Why Group Fitness?

Walking on a treadmill for 30 mins…let’s face it, it’s pretty boring.  Group Fitness classes are fun!  And as we know, if you have fun when exercising, you are much more likely to come back and do it again, and again, and again…and that’s how you get results!

What's more our members have access to all our classes at no extra cost. Join today and gain access to over 90 class per week.

12 Months Membership just $100


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Eight rounds of ultra-high-intensity exercises
Aqua Sculpt
Resistance training to improve your core
Monday Mashup
Something new every Monday
A body conditioning routine that helps to build flexibility.
Body Attack
The most intense workout that you will ever do in a class
Hiit Box
Partners freestyle boxing - Action packed exercise
Stretch and Tone. Find balance, peace and well being.
Mind Body Balance
Combing the philosophies and postures of Yoga and Pilates
Body Step
A full body conditioning class workout focusing on hips and thighs.
A fitness craze that has been sweeping across Europe
Indoor Group Training
Feel the burn of cardio & resistance interval training
Straight and Strong
Raise your heart rate, high impact drills
Drum Fit Ball
Drum Ball
Great rhythm for a release of stress and tension
Gentle Aerobics
Light pace perfect for beginners and seniors
Barre Flex Classes at Blackwood Fitness Adelaide Hills
Barre Flex
Ballet classes to improve core strength, flexibility and balance
Aqua Interval
Cardio & Strength in our lovely heated pool
High Intensity Interval Training HIIT
High Intensity Interval Training - Strength and cardio drills
Bring Bubs Boot Camp
A special kid friendly class, perfect for mums coming back after having bubs
Body Pump
The original barbell class that strengthens your entire body.
Free Strong by Zumba Class Adelaide
STRONG by Zumba
A challenging HIIT workout with GREAT music
Aqua Boot Camp
A high intensity water class to push you to your limit
A one-of-a-kind fitness program that will blow you away
HIIT Step- combining every popular HIIT training with Step!
Strength for life
Seniors Fitness strength training
Aero Sculpt Group Fitness Class
Sculpt your body with Aerosculpt at Blackwood Fitness!
Free your blocked up chi with our Chiball class!
Aqua Cardio
Aqua cardio training gets your heart racing
Tone your entire body with this exhilarating workout
Aqua Aerobics
Get a great workout without straining your joints

Finding your level

Not sure what class is right for you? Follow this guide and view the class list below to get an idea of what level is right for you.

  • Level 1 Easy to follow. No high impact moves. Perfect for beginners.
  • Level 2 Intermediate fitness required. Challenging and rewarding classes.
  • Level 3 Push your limits. High intensity classes.
This information is intended as a guide. All our members are welcome in every class. Instructors are trained to offer options so most classes will suit all fitness levels. This brochure can be used by new members to decide what classes are best when getting started and which ones to choose once feeling more confident and a bit fitter.