Aqua Aerobics

Get a great workout without straining your joints

Aqua Aerobics, is a very forgiving class With the water providing a resistance that is 12 times that of air also provides support, making it incredibly safe for recovering injuries or pregnant ladies whilst still giving you a mighty workout.

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Aqua Aerobics AQUA
Thursday at 1:15pm with Clive

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Aqua Aerobics AQUA
Saturday at 2:00pm with Rachael/Ellen

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Quick FactsAqua Aerobics

The water provides support and takes strain of your joints while providing resistance needed to build strength.


Lvl 1 (easy)

Aqua Aerobics has no high impact moves and is easy to follow. Perfect for beginners.



Aqua Aerobics is a safe and easy way to get a workout in our heated swimming pool


Overall Conditioning

The cardio section will get your heart rate up and will burn calories; the ...

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Aqua Water Aerobics with Victoria

Aqua Water Aerobics with Victoria

Aqua Water Aerobics is a 45 minute class in the swimming pool at around 31C. This is a great cardio & aerobic workout using the resistance of the water. It is ideal if you are just starting to exercise again after a period of inactivity, or if you are recovering from injury.

Aqua Aerobics is available to all our members for free

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Aqua Aerobic water classes are highly recommended for Seniors as the supporting nature of the water allows them to exercise without an major impact on their joints. But the buck does not stop there, Aqua Aerobics is a hard workout, it’s intense and works your muscles as well as your cardio fitness. Whilst you may think it is only for those with grandchildren, get our Seniors in the water and I can guarantee they will out-Aqua any new comer no matter their age or fitness!


Exercising in water not only helps to ease the joint and muscle pain that is common in pregnancy it’s buoyancy helps to take the weight of the baby making exercise more comfortable and easy to do whilst pregnant. Most expectant mums love the relief that comes from getting in the water and having the pressure immediately being taken off their back and legs. Our Aqua classes are appropriate for expectant mums just let your instructor know before you begin and make sure during the session you stay hydrated and don’t push yourself to exhaustion.


Being able to return to exercise after an injury such as a sprained ankle or knee reconstruction surgery allows for a speedier recovery. The buoyancy of water allows for exercise to take place earlier after injury than on land. Aqua aerobics uses the water resistance to strengthen muscles and increase flexibility both of which speed the recovery process. Make sure to seek professional medical advice before starting an aqua aerobics class and let your instructor know before you begin, making sure you take the class at your own pace.


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