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No Longer Located In the Health Centre

At Nutrition in Focus we believe in a holistic approach to healthy eating; we are passionate about improving the health of the community by supporting people to improve the way they eat.

Jarrad and Rebecca are both Accredited Practising Dietitians, sharing the same philosophy around eating, with the belief that food is to be enjoyed and forms a crucial element of our lives.

Jarrad and Rebecca aim to help teach people how to shift their focus from weight to wellness. They aim to understand your lifestyle, goals, personal health issues and provide you with personalised advice to meet your nutritional goals.

Jarrad and Rebecca believe in eating for wellbeing and honouring what your body needs. This means learning to listen to and trusting your body’s cues, rather than the restriction and shame associated with strict dieting. Nutrition in Focus is here to help transform your lifestyle and health, so why not put your nutrition in focus and meet with our dedicated nutrition consultants.


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Accredited Practising Dietitians

Initial consultation (50min) $120
- Concession $90

Review consultation (25min) $65
- Concession $52.95

Do you feel like food choices and cravings control your life?

Put an end to emotional eating! Rebecca adopts the Non Diet Approach, which uses elements of embracing body cues, self-compassion and mindfulness. Rebecca can teach you how to tune into your body's signals of hunger and fullness and help you to foster a positive relationship with food and your body. Learn how to change your thinking and finally let go of the 'diet mentality'.

Learn how simple it can be to eat towards better health!

Jarrad’s interest in lifestyle conditions means he can help with the management of conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol. Jarrad is passionate about imparting his nutrition knowledge to help people on their journey to healthier living. It is never too late to change your behaviour and attitude towards adopting a healthy lifestyle for the long term.Working towards specific sporting and performance goals? As an Accredited Sports Dietitian, Jarrad can help make your nutrition work for you and optimise your training.

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