Wyld Physiotherapy Hydrotherapy

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Hydrotherapy by Wyld Physiotherapy

Wyld Physiotherapy delivers a therapeutic Hydrotherapy service using the Blackwood Fitness swimming pool.

Hydrotherapy is a form of water-based physiotherapy and is particularly effective for rehabilitation and regaining muscle strength without placing strain on your joints.

Both individual and group hydrotherapy sessions are available.



Individual: $64.50

Group: $24.50

Private health fund rebates are available, OVA and

WorkCover injuries accepted.


✓ Help relieve pain
✓ Promote relaxation
✓ Mobilise joints
✓ Strengthen muscles
✓ Develop balance and coordination
✓ Reduce swelling with hydrostatic pressure
✓ Improve general fitness
✓ Improve balance and core stability


8278 7444

Blackwood Health Centre
210 Main Rd, Blackwood


✓ Back Pain/Sciatica
✓ Shoulder rehabilitation
✓ Knee rehabilitation
✓ Hip rehabilitation
✓ Foot and ankle rehabilitation
✓ General fitness
✓ Balance and coordination training
✓ Arthritic problems
✓ Musculoskeletal problems
✓ Sports injury
✓ Rehabilitation following fractures, joint replacement surgery or tendon repair
✓ Post spinal surgery

Opening Hours

Monday: 8: 15am-9am

Wednesday: 8:15am-9am

Friday: 8: 15am-9am

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