How to become a personal trainer

So you want to be a Certified & Qualified Personal Trainer?
Certificate III and IV are required and can be completed at numerous Colleges including the Australian Institute of Fitness, FIT College SA, TAFE and AIPT.  Blackwood Fitness is a recognised campus of the AIPT curriculum.

Joining the team

Currently, we have a team of 9 personal trainers and we want to grow that number until we have the best selection of qualified trainers in the Adelaide area.

When you join the Blackwood Fitness personal training team, you become part of the ever-growing family we have created. If you want to know more about the family that you're joining, make sure you check out our trainers.

Meet your Blackwood educator: Maddie Hughes

With a background in sport, health and fitness that comes from 11 years worth of high level netball, Maddie is a graduate and now Educator of the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers at Blackwood Fitness. Her experience with sporting pre-seasons was the driving force behind the decision to become a PT. Sport has always been a huge part of my life and Personal Training is an extension of my love for fitness and physical activity.

When students study their fitness qualification at the Blackwood Campus, the practical components of their course will be facilitated by Maddie, who has also implemented many group trainings, bootcamps and challenges giving students insight into her own experiences and tools of the trade.

How to be a personal trainer with qualifications?

To be successful in the personal training field you need to have a love for fitness, a healthy lifestyle and the ability to adapt and communicate with variety of individuals. Also required is a high level of enthusiasm, good time management skills and a desire to learn new skills and develop your knowledge base.

If you have these attributes combined with a disciplined nature, then the chances are you will become a good fit for a personal training career and lifestyle. This can provide you with both a rewarding and lucrative career

We do have qualification requirements for each of our personal trainers. To read more about them, see the qualifications section of Becoming a PT.

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