Benefits Personal Training

During your initial meeting with a Blackwood Fitness personal trainer they will begin the process of getting to know you, your fitness goals and your current health and exercise history. Once this assessment is completed they can begin to formulate training sessions to help achieve your goals. Training with a qualified personal trainer will give you:

Customised Training Sessions

Each training session is customised to the individual based on the goals and outcomes desired. The trainer will use their experience and qualifications to make your training both fun and rewarding whilst still pushing you to the limits so that you achieve your goals faster.

Correct Technique

Safety is the number one priority when exercising. A personal trainer will ensure you are using the correct technique for each exercise therefore giving you the ability to train hard but in a safe technique. Training with the correct technique not only helps to prevent injury it also maximises your results.

Motivation & Blogs

In every training program there comes a time when your motivation runs low. By using a personal trainer these unmotivated periods are smoothed out because you have someone there pushing and encouraging you the whole time. When your workout comes down to those last few reps or seconds, having a trainer there with you to encourage and get you through it makes a massive difference towards your long term results.


Whether it’s because of family, work or just a general lack of motivation, having scheduled sessions with a Personal Trainer will make all the difference to keep you on track of your fitness goals. When times are getting tough and there are easy options to take, knowing you have someone to report to makes all the difference. Personal Training not only keeps you on track with your exercise but also your nutrition, social health and overall well-being to ensure a healthy life balance is being achieved.

Private Training Areas

Our Personal training Zones are a private-access-only area of the gym. These spaces allow you to have dedicated one-on-one tuition without distractions.